HERMKO 443540 5-pack of men's long johns (other colours) in 100% bio-cotton, with minor flaws

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 Long johns for men,

 1b the second sort


HERMKO 443540 pack of 5 long johns for men (other colours), 1b the second sort


The long johns  come in a pack of 5. Either 5 white  long johns (colour: white) or 5 different plain-coloured  long johns (colour: coloured).

It is also possible that the pack might contain just one colour.

The long johns have different flaws - mainly foreign fibres, sewing and weaving faults, soiling and short seams.


100% fine-rip organic cotton


Underwear direct from the manufacturer on the foothills of the Swabian Alb

Quality for over 60 years

* * * HERMKO - underwear to fall in love with * * *



General Notes

Material: Cotton
Gender: Big Size
Gender: Men
Economy pack: 1b-Ware
Material properties: boil-proof

Product Information

The fabric on this product is made entirely from organically grown cotton, so that's pure natural fibres.  

Cotton is highly robust, tear-proof, durable and has a good absorption capacity.

Your washing will have excellent skin compatibility because:

• No pesticides, insecticides or fungicides

• No artificial fertilisers

• No defoliants

have been used in the organic cultivation of this cotton.


When our organic cotton is grown, we always strive to minimise impacts on water, plants, animals and soil. The cotton that we use is not grown in monoculture.  Instead, we rely on organic methods in crop rotation.

Our fabrics are knitted, dyed and bleached in Germany. This means we can achieve good skin compatibility and superb quality standards.

Our fabrics are knitted, dyed and bleached in Germany. More information about our production you will find on the other pages.

All articles produced by us, including this one, are certified according to the strict guidelines of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (06.0.41689 Hohensein HTTI). For this purpose, our goods are regularly tested for harmful substances by the Hohenstein Institute and thus the skin compatibility is confirmed.

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